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Artemisinin Products

Hepalin (Artemisinin) capsules have been tested for bioactivity and found to have an 100% effective rate against cells with high iron content which was verified.

100% of the extract is absorbed through G-I tracts, acting directly on cells with high iron content via enhanced effect with administered Iron (FeSO4).

Hepalin (Artemisinin) capsules have the highest content of Artemisinin on the market. Through much research and discussion with our distinguished associates, we have determined that in order to obtain the highest active ingredients from the herbs, an extracting and purifying facility located next to our own herbal farm would yield the best results. With the strategic placing of our facilities, we are able to harvest the fresh herbs and transfer them to our extracting equipment immediately.

Hepalin 100
(Artemisinin 100 mg)
60 Capsules

(Artemisinin Complex)
30 Capsules

(Artemether 40 mg)
60 Capsules
Hepasunate 50
(Artesunate 50 mg)
60 Capsules

Artemix Solution
1 oz (28 grams)

Health and Beauty Products

Net 30ml Serum
Net 30ml Serum

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